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We are a husband and wife duo passionate about craft coffee and the space we make it in!

Our relationship from the begining revolved around coffee and visiting coffee shops all over the world. When we weren’t traveling we were spending our time in our hometown complaining about the lack of coffee in our area. We had to drive 45 plus minutes to get a decent coffee or have a place we actually wanted to hangout.

The idea sparked and we ran with it. We spent months planning and dreaming up the perfect concept for a shop in our town. We trained with some of the best baristas and learned more about coffee than we ever knew existed.

We wanted Foam to be a place our friends could come hangout, a space to work and somewhere to grab a really good cup of coffee.

We opened Foam in May of 2017, and it has been a non-stop good time since then. We can’t wait to hang with you!


We are so glad you asked! We get this question ALOT. The short answer is, it’s just the name of our shop! We know what you were thinking though, and no it is not a new type of coffee or coffee made with only foam.

It’s more like the foam the waves make when they break on shore, less the foam that comes on top of your cappuccino. So no unfortunately we did not create the next big thing in the coffee industry, but we did bring craft coffee to Gulf Shores!

We currently serve Arcade Coffee! Arcade is a small roaster in Riverside, California. Owned by some California guys, who totally get our vibe. We are stoked to share their coffees with you. We love Arcade for the quality of their coffee, their direct trade practices and what they stand for as a company. You will never find artifical flavors in our beans or coffee that is unethically sourced. That is not what we are about around here.

We like to keep simple, we believe the coffee should be the main event in your drink. We get it though, you like what you like and sometimes you just want a little coffee with your cream. Don’t worry we got you, we have a variety of flavors for you to choose from to add to your lattes!

We want our shop to be approachable, we believe we have a little something for everyone when it comes to coffee drinks. Ask us questions, we would love to help you find the perfect drink.